Carrom Master : New Carrom Board Pool Game

Carrom just like pool, billiards is a strike and pot game, Very Popular in Asia

Carrom is a classic board game played across the world.
Carrom Master is a new game by Gamingo Labs.

How to play:
The game is simple you are given a striker and your target Carrom-men (Carrom-men are the coins/tokens at the center of the Carrom Board) that you need to get into the pots/holes placed at each side of the Carrom Board (just like you pot a golf ball in golf or snooker balls in pool/billiards).

You can either play Freestyle where you have to pot more Carrom-men than your opponent or BlackWhite where you onlu pot your assigned color Carrom-men.

This Game features very intuitive controls and easy to understand interface.
Carrom Master also uses realistic physics to simulate real-time striker and carrom-men movments as you would expect while playing on an actual Carrom Board.

This game has 3 Main Modes:

  • Challenge Mode
  • Local Mode
  • Online Mode

You can also login using facebook to get your progress synced so you would never lose your game progress & using the same login can sync your progress across devices. (Playing with friends feature is still under development)

Thanks for reading, now please install the game & enjoy.