Experience the real carrom on mobile.

Just like pool or billiards, Carrom is a strike and pot game. It is classic & very popular game in Asia. We bring this nostalgic game to you by Carrom Master.

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Features of Carrom mastre

Play the best Carrom Board game available for free !

Challenge Mode

Different level are created to challenge of game skills.

Online Multiplayer

Play with player of different location around the world in real time.

Offline Multiplayer/ with CPU

Play offline in 2 player mode or simply enjoy our CPU

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carrom master is easy to play, learn the basics

How To Play

The game is simple you are given a striker and your target Carrom-men (Carrom-men are the coins/tokens at the center of the Carrom Board) that you need to get into the pots/holes placed at each side of the Carrom Board (just like you pot a golf ball in golf or snooker balls in pool/billiards).

You can either play Freestyle where you have to pot more Carrom-men than your opponent or BlackWhite where you onlu pot your assigned color Carrom-men.

This Game features very intuitive controls and easy to understand interface.
Carrom Master also uses realistic physics to simulate real-time striker and carrom-men movments as you would expect while playing on an actual Carrom Board.

You can also login using facebook to get your progress synced so you would never lose your game progress & using the same login can sync your progress across devices. (Playing with friends feature is still under development)

Thanks for reading, now please install the game & enjoy.

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Unique borads, All new strikers, 1000+ levels to give you endless fun, Different emojis to express your feelings to your opponent.